Description of LABS

Taiwan is located downwind of East Asia and Southeast Asia, which are major air pollutant source regions. As result, Lulin Atmospheric Background Station (LABS), was constructed to study the trans boundary transport of these air pollutants and their impact on Taiwan.

LABS is located at 2,862 meters above sea level on top of Mt. Lulin in central Taiwan. Mt. Lulin is part of the Central Mountain Range and overlooks beautiful and warm grassy fields inside Yushan National Park. Because of the high altitude of LABS, measurements there are not affected by local pollution from factories, traffic and other domestic sources; rather, it is strategically located to monitor long-range transported air pollutants from the Asian continent.

The main objective of LABS is to investigate the long-term trends and variations of regional air pollutants entering the western North Pacific and to study the local impacts on Taiwan and regional impacts on air quality, atmospheric chemistry, radiation, and climate. This objective is achieved by a suite of continuous measurements at LABS, including precipitation, solar radiation, aerosol concentrations and optical properties, and trace gas and atmospheric mercury concentrations.

Scientific work at LABS encourages interdisciplinary collaborations among atmospheric scientists, chemists, and environmental scientists to perform important measurements, apply novel data analysis techniques, and construct long-term databases. Thus far, while hosting several international experiments (e.g. Seven-South East Asian Studies, 7-SEAS), collaborators at LABS have included the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and Japan Mt. Fuji research group.


  • Principal investigator: Neng-Huei Lin
  • Co-Investigators: Guey-Rong Sheu, Sheng-Hsiang Wang, Chang-Feng Ou-Yang
  • Technical Engineer: Jense Chiu
  • Website/Data Manager: Chia-Chin Lin

International Collabration

  • AERONET、MPLNET and SolRad-Net.
  • NOAA(CCGG) Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network and NASA Aerosol Robotic Network(AERO).
  • The Atmospheric Brown Cloud–East Asia Regional Experiment, durning 2006-2008(UNEP/ABC/EAREX).
  • NASA BASE-ASIA (2006) field deployment and intensive field campaign called TIGERZa in 2008.
  • Sharing Acid rain data with Mount Fuji Research station.
  • 2011, University of Münster, germany, Cloud Chemical Experiment in Mount Lulin.
  • Long term Measuring Black Carboon of Aerosol in Mount Lulin, cooperation with Japan Tokyo university, 2011-present.
  • 7-SEAS Campaigns durning 2010-present.
  • 2012 NADP / Atmospheric Mercury Network (AMNet)
  • 2015 Asia Pacific Mercury Monitoring Network.
  • 2018 World Radiation Monitoring Center - Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN)



類別 Category 測項 Parameter 儀器、製造商、型號 Instrument 資料/採樣頻率 Frequency
降雨化學 Precipitation
降雨化學成份 Precipitation 酸鹼度、導電度、陰、陽離子 pH value, Conductivity, Ions 雨水採樣器 Rain Sampler | AR-02 每週二上午九時採樣 Weekly
微量氣體 Trace Gases
空氣品質 Gases O3濃度 O3 臭氧分析儀 Ozone Analysis | Ecotech, ML9810B 連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
O3濃度 (平行比對) O3 臭氧分析儀 Ozone Analysis | Ecotech, Serinus 10 連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
SO2濃度 SO2 二氧化硫分析儀 Enhanced Trace Level SO2 Analyzer | Thermo, Model 43i-TLE 連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
溫室氣體 Greenhouse Gases CO、CO2、CH4 濃度 精密氣體分析儀 Gas Concentration Analyzer | Picarro, G2401 連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
CO2, CH4, CO, H2, N2O, SF6,
δ13C (CO2), δ18O (CO2)
國際合作:碳循環及溫室氣體全球監測網(NOAA, CCGG)
Portable Sampling Unit (PSU)
(NOAA, CCGG network)

(CCGG network, Lulin Site)
每週二上午七時採樣 Weekly
大氣氣膠(懸浮微粒) Aerosol
氣膠濃度 Concentration of Aerosol 懸浮微粒之質量濃度 (PM2.5) PM2.5 懸浮微粒分析儀 Continuous Ambient Particulate | TEOM R&P, 1400 連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
懸浮微粒之質量濃度 (PM2.5 / PM10) PM2.5 and PM10 雙通道懸浮微粒質量濃度分析儀 Continuous Ambient Particulate | THERMO, 1405-DF 連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
氣膠數量 Particle Numbers 凝結核計數器 Condensation Nuclei Counter (CNC) 連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
碳成份 Composition of Carbon 黑碳質量濃度 Black Carbon (TSP) 七波段微粒黑碳監測儀 Seven Wavelength aethalometer | Magee, AE31 連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
黑碳質量濃度 Black Carbon (PM2.5) 七波段微粒黑碳監測儀 Seven Wavelength aethalometer | Magee, AE33 連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
總碳質量濃度 Carbon in Aerosol (TSP) 即時氣膠總碳監測儀 Scientific Total Carbon Analyzer | Magee, TCA-08 連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
黑碳質量濃度 Black Carbon (PM2.5) 黑碳監測儀 | KANOMAX, Model 3010
Black Carbon Monitor | KANOMAX, model 3010
Cooperation with University of Tokyo
連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
光學特性 Aerosol Optical Properties
(AERO network)
全向散射與背向散射於三個波段 Light-scattering coefficient of aerosols
( 450, 550, 700 nm )
氣膠散光系數監測儀 | TSI, Model 3563
國際合作:大氣氣膠全球監測網 (NOAA, AERO)
Nephelometers | TSI, Model 3563
(AERO network)
連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
氣膠微粒吸光係數於三個波段 Light absorption of aerosols
( 467, 530, 660 nm )
氣膠吸光系數監測儀 (PSAP)
國際合作:大氣氣膠全球監測網 (NOAA, AERO)
Particle Soot/Absorption Photometer
(NOAA, AERO network)
連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
氣膠微粒吸光係數於三個波段 Light absorption of aerosols
( 467, 528, 652 nm )
氣膠吸光系數監測儀 (CLAP)
國際合作:大氣氣膠全球監測網 (NOAA, AERO)
Continuous Light Absorption Photometer
(NOAA, AERO network)
連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
大氣汞 Toxic
Mercury 氣態元素汞、氣態二價汞、顆粒汞 Atmospheric mercury(GEM, GOM, PBM) 冷蒸氣原子螢光光譜儀 Automated Ambient Air Analyzer
Tekran, 2537X with model 1130 and 1135
連續觀測 Hourly
大氣輻射 Solar Radation
太陽輻射 Optical 氣膠光學厚度及氣膠光學參數 AOD, VSD, complex refractive index 多波段太陽輻射計 Sun Sky Lunar Multispectral Photometer | Cimel, CE-318 連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
太陽輻射 Solar Radiation 日射計 Solar Radiation Sensor | MetOne, 96-1 連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
近紫外線太陽輻射 Erythemally-weighted UVB solar radiation UVA/UVB輻射儀 Biometer-Radiometers | Solar Light, MODEL 501 連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
氣象儀器 Meteorological
氣象 Meteorological 能見度 Visibility 能見度儀 Present Weather and Visibility Sensors | VAISALA, PWD22 連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
風向及風速 Wind Speed and Direction 風速風向計 Wind Sensor | MetOne, 034B 連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
氣溫 Temperture 溫度計 Temperture Sensor | MetOne, T200 連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
相對溼度 Relative Humidity 濕度計 Relative Humidity Sensor | MetOne, 083D (083R combine) 連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
壓力 Atmospheric Pressure 壓力計 Barometer Pressure Sensor | MetOne, 092 連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
雨量 Rainfall 雨量計 Precipitation Gauges | MetOne, 370 連續觀測(小時值) Hourly
其他 Other 全天空影像 Skyimage 監視器 Monitor | Mobotix, MX-Q25M-Sec 連續觀測(分鐘值) Minutely