Terms of Data Use

  1. Lulin Atmospheric Background Station (LABS) is regarded as a regional background station in East Asia, which is different from common air quality station. The LABS data is therefore needed to be requested and opened depending on the purpose of use.
  2. The construction and operation of the LABS is financially supported by Taiwan EPA, MOST, and NCU. All the professors and researchers involved in the LABS project have also devotedly offered their resources, human power, and funding. Hence, the Taiwan EPA, MOST, and NCU, must be mentioned in the acknowledgement of the manuscript for publication. It is highly recommended that the data user to include the PI or co-PI in the authorship who is responding for the requested data.
  3. The LABS data should be only used for academic, educational, research, government, non-profit, non-commercial purposes.
  4. To request for the LABS data, please briefly state your purpose of use.
  5. Please contact with the PI (Prof. Lin, Neng-Huei, e-mail: if the raw data needed. Please also state your purpose of use in detail.

Plot the data

if Data range > 1 year, that would only show up monthly mean